The great thing about what I do is getting the opportunity to have completed such a variety of projects: from high end brass collector's pieces, to simply adding a few details on someone's favorite plastic locomotive;

  • Details can be added to production models

  • Complete custom builds

  • Painting and finishing of brass models

  • Creating a special gift for birthdays, graduations, Christmas and retirements

  • Accurate and timely price quotes always provided with no charge or commitment

  • Timely turn-around times!

  • Custom decals

  • We now offer the use of 3-D Printing to create complete models or specific detail parts from drawings!

  • We can work to produce your own your look, a prototypical look - or to create a special gift!

  • Realistic results with custom building, custom painting, or custom weathering and finishing!

Model Train Project Gallery

Accurate Custom Finishing Custom Painting Model Trains

Accurate Custom Finishing
Custom Model Train Painting and Building

Both of these old AJIN Brass Locomotives were re-motored and had DCC Sound and Lites Installed