The Delaware and Hudson HO Scale E-5a Consolidations are ready for release!   Each locomotive will be a complete Ready-to-Run model with full DCC control, sound, and lights.  Independently operating front and rear marker lights are featured as well.  Retail Price for each locomotive is $950.  Add $30.00 for an optional installation of a TSC "Keep Alive" Capacitor.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery after order is placed.  A small deposit will be required at time of order.

Each model will feature:

 - Full DCC Control, Sound, and Lights.

 - Independently controllable Front (white) and Rear (Red/Amber) Marker Lights

 - Correctly configured locomotive shell featuring the distinct external Ash Pans
and wide Wooten Boiler

 - "External Bearing" front Pilot Truck

 - Correctly configured Coal Tender

 - Over 20 separate brass cast detail parts are added to each model

 - Custom decals featuring the correct data for the series will feature the "Four Aces" Number 1111
(the first D&H E-5a Consolidation to be built).  Other road numbers available are: 1112 - 1118 at 12,000 Gals and 23 Tons (except 1115) and 1115, 1119 -1122 with 13,500 Gals and 23 Tons.  
Sorry,  but locomotive 1114 will not be available at this time.

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A short preview video of the model can be seen here at:  


The "Four Aces" circa 1930

Accurate Custom Finishing
Custom Model Train Painting and Building