Custom Painting,

Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding

     Creating a unique piece of railroad rolling stock, structure, or locomotive can bring a special touch to your layout, and will perhaps better represent an era you are modeling.  But kit building and especially "kitbashing" can be a daunting and time consuming task.

     With your help in background research of a model you might have in mind, I can scratchbuild or modify production kits to best represent a specific prototype.I do also have the resources here to custom cast resin pieces to either replace missing parts, or to create a totally unique model. 

Custom Decals

     Either using your design - or helping you to create one - I can custom print out real waterslide decals to complete the finishing touches for a very unique piece.

     Custom decals can create logos for your private road, create decals that are not commercially available, or custom decals can be used in finishing a special personalized gift for a railroad enthusiast!

S Scale CN Bulkhead Flat Car:  Bulkheads were scratch built with strip

wood. The car was then finished with custom printed decals then heavily weathered.

HO Scale D&H Flanger Car:  Created through the use of 3D Print Technology and custom printed decals.

HO Scale OMI Brass Locomotive:  Painted then finished with custom designed and printed decals.

Yes - I Paint Brass


 No doubt, brass manufacturers still offer very unique models that may not otherwise be available commercially. However, finding someone to paint that special model - at a reasonable price - can be quite challenging. Drop me a line, and let's discuss any brass model project you might be considering. I just might be able to help you with brass painting services such as stripping, air erasing, painting, and decaling your special brass models. 

Accurate Custom Finishing
Custom Model Train Painting and Building