Accurate Custom Finishing
Designing and Building 3D Printed Models for Today's Model Railroaders 

Your model can either be sent to you as a kit for you to assemble and paint - or as a "ready-to-run" prototype!

Step Three:  3D Printing & and Finishing of Your Project

    Once drawings are approved by you - then your project will come to life!  Depending upon your requests, your model can either be a completed and finished model, or can be shipped to you as a kit for you to assemble and finish yourself.


Step Two:  CAD Files for Your Project

    Using the information you provide, a CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) File is first created.  CAD files are what will be used to tell the 3D printer what to produce.  As the CAD files are created - you will be sent illustrations and drawings for your review and approval before the actual printing is done.


Step One:  Research Your Project

     If you wish to create a certain prototype or fantasy model - drop me a line.  Depending on what you have in mind, I will be asking for photos or illustrations of what you have in mind.


What is 3D Printing?

     No doubt, if you are in the Model Railroading hobby - you have at least heard about 3D printing. Simply put, this relatively new technology now makes it possible to create just about any miniature starting from scratch to having a model of a prototype in hand within a relatively short time.  

     However, all the processes involved in 3D printing can be a little overwhelming to anyone who might not be familiar with all the steps involved in taking advantage of creating a new model using this technology:  from creating a CAD file, to getting it printed with the right materials, to making the final build and painting.

     I offer a "one stop shopping" service to the entire process.  All that is required of my clients is to provide the basic research (such as photos and/or drawings and illustrations) - and I will handle all the steps involved to provide you with either a complete finished model or an unfinished kit for you to build and paint yourself.


Sample drawings are then sent to clients for review

and approval before the printing is started.


This project for an Interlocking Tower started out

​as a faded photograph sent to us.